Learner Driver

Learning to drive in East London and Essex. Here you will find information on, what you need before learning to drive in Great  Britain.

Requirements before learning to drive and who can teach you to drive and the type of course available.

  • First you need to apply for your provisional driving licence for a car
  • The minimum age is 17 years old
  • Minimum eyesight – read a car number plate 20 meters away
  • For detail information please click here for direct to Gov.uk

There are two ways you can learn to drive.

Type of courses we offer at Top Grade Instructors Driving School.

  • Manual and Automatic
  • Hourly driving lessons
  • 1.5 hour to 2 hours driving lesson
  • One day driving course
  • Intensive driving course

We offer 3 level of services

  • Gold standard
  • Silver standard
  • Standard rate

Driving lessons starts from only £18 per hour