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Dear Noel,

Determined to get a driving license in my last year of University I figured I could only choose the best. My search for driving instructors in East London all lead to this guy, and rightly so! Noel (Or, Yoda as I sometimes call him) is a professional and friendly driving instructor who thought me to drive with confidence and skills. Although he might seems strict sometimes, its all for the best (eventually). I would easily recommend him to anyone else looking to pass their driving test with good skills and confidence!



Dear Noel Christopher,

Noel is a thoroughbred driving instructor. He sits quietly beside you and his high degree of professionalism makes him to pick on every error you make. None escapes him.

So, you can be sure you get all the corrections that are necessary.

It anyone wants to improve on their driving, with a view to passing the driving test, Noel is the guy.”


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